Living graciously

Day 173 of #LiveWell2017

Day 174 grace in nature

The true meaning of grace is to connect deeply with what is around you – trees, flowers, air, water, and all living beings.

When we are gracious, we are kind, compassionate, considerate, giving. We treat others – and nature – with respect. When I go to places like Neahkahnie Mountain, pictured above, it is easy for me to connect deeply with that place, with those views, with the feeling of being a part of something much bigger, to feel grace.

It is a greater challenge to be gracious when confronted with an angry person or an uncomfortable situation. In those times, being mindful, aware, and centered can carry us into graciousness. Perhaps even thinking of a place where you do feel connected and centered can help. So can taking those infamous three deep breaths. These challenges are what help us practice being gracious. They make us dig deeper and make an efort to connect with those around us. Use the challenges to find your grace.

What helps you live more graciously?


  1. When, upon occasion, I manage to practice grace in a challenging situation with another, I stop, take a breath, center, and imagine what might possibly be going on in a person’s life that would cause them to behave/react in such a way. You just never know.

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