Thank you to the passionate people

Day 168 of #LiveWell2017

Day 168 passion

Today I participated in a guided bike ride called Sharrows to Sparrows. It was a guided tour of local Neighborhood Greenways and natural areas in the city. Along the way our two leaders – Greg and Mike – shared their obvious passion for connecting people to place, for creating safe places for people to walk and bike to natural areas, for helping people learn about wildlife in the city, and for preserving natural areas and diversity.

Their passion was contagious, and it was obvious that they have made a difference for everyone living in the city. Through their work they have helped shape policy and practice of protecting natural areas and providing safe active transportation corridors in neighborhoods across the city. I was grateful to learn so much about the city, about birds and wildlife, and about the efforts of these two leaders. I was equally grateful to see their passion for their work so readily shared with others.

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