Should I unsubscribe?

Day 159 of #LiveWell2017

Day 159 unsubscribe

Anyone who knows me knows I hate clutter. Whether it’s physical (like too much stuff on the counter) or digital (like too much email), clutter makes me anxious. Clutter wastes my time and my mental energy. To me, part of living well means living an uncluttered life. So, when I find something that helps me declutter my life quickly and easily, I use it.

One of my favorite decluttering tools is the UNSUBSCRIBE button/link. Seems like many times when I need information online, I have to enter my email address to get it. That automatically puts me on an email list. Then the emails begin. One or two a week might be okay, but when I start to get multiple emails a day from the same source and they add no value to my life, then I happily unsubscribe.

Of course, you may read this and decide to unsubscribe from this blog, and that’s okay. If this blog doesn’t provide value to you, then you should unsubscribe. But if you do find value here, I hope you will stay.

One of the things I’ve wondered lately is whether or not I should continue to post daily or reduce it to a weekly or twice-weekly schedule. I realize that it is hard to keep up with daily posts from any source – even the ones that provide value to you. I subscribe to several other blogs that I appreciate greatly, but I don’t read them every single day. What are your thoughts? Is a daily post too much?

Happy decluttering.


  1. I look forward to reading your blogs every day but as Patricia said, it shouldn’t be a burden to you. I enjoy that sometimes your blogs are longer and more in depth and other times very short and sweet but they are always thoughtful and very much appreciated.

    • Thank you, Meredith. It’s good for me to post daily. It helps me practice gratitude and kindness, mindfulness and generosity. My hope is that it helps others, too.

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