Dust in the wind

Day 145 of #LiveWell2017

Day 145 dust in the wind

Impermanence. Nothing remains the same. Everything is dust in the wind.

The long, cold, rainy winter is behind us. The spring plum and cherry blossoms are gone. A restless night is over. I look out at a tree and watch its leaves dance in the wind. Every second brings a new look, a new shape, a different way of being the tree.

My observations shift from tree to bird to the smudge on the window. I’m aware of my mind jumping from thought to thought. Each second I perceive a different world. What is happening now is different from what was happening a moment ago.  What I see, hear, feel, keeps changing. Nothing remains the same.

It is neither good nor bad. It just is.

When I realize how fleeting each moment is, how quickly things change, I appreciate the moment more, just like I appreciate the cherry blossoms more because I know they will not last. I appreciate the smile of my friend, the text from my son, a loving touch, a hummingbird’s quick visit, a walk in the park.

I remember that everything is in flux, and nothing remains the same, I realize how important it is to live in this moment. Life is remarkably short for most of us on this earth planet. As things change around us and inside us, all we can do is embrace the moment, one at a time, each day.

Everything is dust in the wind.


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