Eat, drink, give

Day 137 of #LiveWell2017

Day 137 eat drink give

Have a pint, change the world!

Last night I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Oregon Public House in support of The Children’s Book Bank. It was my first visit to the Oregon Public House (OPH), and now that I understand their story and have seen how they work, I just had to share their story with you. You see, the Oregon Public House is not just any pub, it is the nation’s first not-for-profit pub. A business that gives 100% of it’s profits to other nonprofits in the community.

Here’s how it works. Every six months, OPH chooses six local nonprofits at a time to support and feature at the pub. Volunteers from the nonprofits (like me) come in one day a week to work in the pub. We serve food, wash dishes, bus tables, greet customers, clean, and chat with folks about the nonprofit we support.

The customers order a pint and some food. When they pay for their orders, they choose which of the six local nonprofits to support (kind of like a vote). At the end of each month, OPH reconciles their books and divides 100% of their profits among the six charities, according to the number of “votes” given by customers. People can also donate cash at the “Give-O-Meter” set up near the bar.

Because it is a nonprofit itself, OPH has no owner. It is run completely by a volunteer board, with a skeleton staff of cooks and bartenders. All other service is provided by volunteers.

As I greeted customers, I explained what the Children’s Book Bank was and how their support tonight could help us get more bools to kids who need them. One customer was a former librarian and was delighted to be able to support the Book Bank with her meal. Everyone there was genuinely friendly and happy to be supporting both the pub and the charities it has partnered with.

The OPH’s motto is “Have a Pint, Change the World.” I think they are onto something good – Creating Goodness throughout the community! If you want to know more about the OPH story, check out the founder’s TedTalk:

Do you know of other businesses that are supporting nonprofits in your community? Share them here!




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