Nuture your sense of wonder

Day 130 of #LiveWell2017

Day 130 wisdom begins in wonder

Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder about something in this grand universe. That unfettered wonder keeps me going, learning new things and deepening my understanding of the people, places, and things that share this world with me. Socrates said wisdom begins in wonder. Plato said philosophy begins in wonder. Wonder is the beginning for a lot of things.

Without wonder, we become stagnant in our minds and hearts and spirits. It’s important to wonder, to question, to be curious (though there was a time when wonder was exalted and curiosity was condemned. Curiosity leads us to explore and learn. Wonder gives us a sense of awe and amazement.

When I walk in the misty woods and come upon the sun’s rays reaching through the trees, I am awed by the beauty and serenity in that moment. It causes me to stop and breathe deeply, to be thankful, to be present, and to be curious (how does the mist affect the way the light passes through the air?).

As I mentioned back in January, living well requires us understand where we live and how we fit into it. Wondering and being curious help us to understand, and when we understand, we can take action to help others, to create goodness, to solve problems in our communities. We become a part of a whole.

Stop and wonder. Be curious. Be grateful. Breathe in the day.

What makes you wonder? curious?



  1. People. People make me curious. Their stories. Why they express chosen behaviors. I am inspired by others 🙂

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