Hello, sunshine…

Day 129 of #LiveWell2017

Day 129 sunshine

We’ve had a nice little streak of warm, sun-filled days lately, so we took advantage and hiked up to Mirror Lake today. The warm weather is beginning to melt the snow and ice on the lake, and Mt. Hood reflected brilliantly in the small pool of water.

Sunshine is a marvelous thing here in the Pacific Northwest, especially after such a long, cold, rainy winter. Today I am very grateful for the sunshine and its effects on the lake and the snow. About 80% of the trail up to the lake is still packed with a foot or two of snow, but it was a beautiful, bright day, and the hiking was easy.

Today, I am grateful for the sunshine, the mountain, and my favorite hiking partner, Keith. Together they brought me a lot of joy.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Today, at this moment I am grateful for an uneventful drive from my love’s mom’s house to the airport in our delightful car rental and an equally uneventful trek to the gate. So far so very good! Lots to be thankful for, now an uneventful flight to LAX and drive home would be appreciated!

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