Share your love

Day 124 of #LiveWell2017

Day 124 share love

Love is in us, in our DNA. Since the dawn of humans, our brains have nearly tripled in size, and much of our gray matter is devoted to the capacity to love. So, why not use it?

When we love selflessly – with a genuine desire to make someone else happy and not expecting anything in return – we improve the world in countless ways. We improve relationships, our moods, our confidence, and our capacity to create goodness. Have you ever met someone who just radiates with love and kindness? I have, and when he walked into the room, I could feel his love and energy surround me, even though he was 30 feet away. It was remarkable.

We all have the capacity to love like that. When we share our love through acts of kindness, we make the world more loving. One of the easiest ways to be more loving is to simply think loving thoughts for others. Think of a person you know – someone you care about – and say in your mind, “may you be happy and healthy, may you live with ease, may you be at peace.” Repeat these phrases or similar ones for someone you are having trouble with and for people you may not know well. Practicing loving-kindness like this can improve your ability to be compassionate and loving toward all living beings.

OF course, that’s not the only way. There are many kind acts that we can do to share our love with those around us. Anything that is done with a genuine desire to make someone else happy can spread the love.

How do you share your love?

Note: Different kinds of love do some crazy things to our brains that may explain why we do the things we do when we love other people.

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