The space behind the waterfall

Day 121 of #LiveWell2017

Day 121 Waterfalls

Today, I’m taking a very special friend who loves waterfalls on a surprise hike to the Trail of Ten Falls. There, she will not only see the falls tumbling over rocks and ledges, but she will be able to walk in the spaces behind some of the largest waterfalls in the park. Walking behind the falls is a magical experience. You can feel the mist on your face, hear the pounding of the water as it crashes on the rocks, watch the water cascade above your head and blur the view of the river downstream, and marvel at the geology that makes it all happen.

I’ve been to these waterfalls before, but this time I’m going to experience them in a whole new way. In his book, 10% Happier, Dan Harris describes water as “our thoughts and emotions” and mindfulness as “the space behind the waterfall.” Ever since I read that, I’ve used it during meditation to acknowledge and then let my thoughts and emotions go – down the waterfall, downstream.

So, when I walk behind the waterfalls this time, I will do so more mindfully, meditatively, fully present and engaged with the moment – not that you can be any other way when walking behind a waterfall. It is utterly captivating. But this time, I’ll have a new metaphor to carry with me into the experience.

Stay tuned for the results…


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