Make time for friends

Day 119 of #LiveWell2017

Day 119 friends

Friends may come and go as we journey through life, but they help shape us into the people we become along the way. I have childhood friends, college friends, friends whom I met through work or travel, and friends who appeared randomly along life’s path. Each one has made an impact on my life simply by sharing time and space with me.

Some have left this physical world, others live far away. Some I see every week or every few days. My friendships are as different as my friends are from each other – and yet they are all the same, because I love each one of them. And, even though we get separated by time or distance, that love binds us together.

I am a better person because of my friends. They help me see the world through different eyes. They challenge me and support me. They offer advice and ask for help. They enrich my world with their love and kindness. So, whether they live near or far, it is important for me to make time for my friends. To write or call, to text or meet for dinner, to offer my time or ask them to come visit. Nurturing those relationships makes me a better person. Thank you, friends!


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