Be the solution

Day 116 of #LiveWell2017

Day 116 contribute to solutions

Yesterday I wrote about looking for the good. Today, I got an email from Street Roots, a local street newspaper (of exceptional journalism, by the way) that serves people experiencing homelessness and poverty. Despite the enormous challenges this small nonprofit and the people it serves face each day, they continue to see the good in people.

“Every day Street Roots witnesses some of the most beautiful acts of kindness that humans have to offer. We know that beyond all of the hate and intolerance there is love and compassion, forgiveness and understanding. The election won’t change the face that we are providing the tools necessary to give people a better quality of life.
After all, every week we collectively help give nearly 10,000 readers hope through both the newspaper and vendor program.” – Israel Bayer

Because they do good work, people are generous and supportive of their program and mission. Here is a classic case of good begetting good, so to speak. Israel and Cole and all the other staff and volunteers who work at Street Roots and guide the vendors, work tirelessly to advocate for housing and services, policies and protections for the most vulnerable among us.

I’m sure there are vulnerable people in your community, too, and people and organizations that are helping them. These people and organizations need us. If we all help in some small way, we can make progress and improve the lives of everyone in our communities. Whether it is by donating money or goods, volunteering time or talent, or being a voice for justice, each of us can help #CreateGoodness and solve problems.  You know that old adage “if you’re not part of the solution…you’re part of the problem,” right? Let’s be part of the solution.

Right now, Street Roots is asking us to contribute to solutions by “Sending a Message with Your Money.” You can donate to them today by clicking here (and get free buttons!). If you have a different local street paper or nonprofit in your community that is lifting people up through their good work, seek them out and contribute in some way. Feel free to add a link to their website in the comments below so other readers can help as well.

Look for the good. Spread the goodness. Be the solution.

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