Be content

Day 114 of #LiveWell2017

Day 114 be content.png

Ever since I studied ecology back in college, I’ve understood that everything in our natural world is connected (one of Barry Commoner’s four principles of ecology). What impacts one thing, impacts everything. We are certainly seeing the results of this as the impacts of climate change becomes more obvious and pronounced.

I’m beginning to understand that the same concept applies to human happiness and our psychological well-being. The more I practice mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, acceptance, and kindness, the more I realize how they are all connected. The more mindful I am, the easier it is to appreciate every task or sight or sound or feeling. The more grateful I am, the easier it is to be kind and accepting. The more I am able to accept things for what they are, situations as they occur, and people who share my journey, the happier and more content I am with life in general.

This may seem like a no-brainer, an obvious connection, but it is somewhat of an epiphany for me…mostly because it is getting easier to be content with whatever comes along. I’m finding it easier to stay calm, to accept what comes, to lean into the moments as they pass, and to appreciate all that life is giving me. That makes me feel content.

What makes you content?

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