Give your time and attention #generosity

Day 108 of #LiveWell2017

Day 108 give time and attention

There is no greater gift to give someone than your time and attention. Just ask any kid who’s parents work. In today’s busy world, time seems to be the one thing we never have enough of. But even when we are together with those we love, are we really giving them our attention? Every time I walk in the park, I see parents walking or strolling with their little ones, but they are talking on a cell phone, unaware of their child’s presence. It breaks my heart.

I was a mother who worked 12 and 15 hour long days for a lot of years when my child was young. I remember not always giving him the time and attention he needed. I regret that now. One thing I know is that I will never get those moments back. And even though our time is limited, I know now how important it is that we use that limited time to be present, to pay attention, to attend to each other like nothing else exists. It’s not enough to just be physically present. We need to be emotionally present, mindfully present, and attentive.

It’s easy to sit in a room together while you check your phone or read or work or watch TV. It’s harder to sit together and connect by looking at each other, talking together, focusing only on the now. But, that’s what each of us deserves and what each of us should strive to give.

It’s no different with pets, like that sweet puppy above (she did grow up to be a lovely dog), or a task to be done. Being present without distraction is the only real way to live, the only way we can give ourselves completely and appreciate the impermanence of everything.

I’ve been writing all day today while my husband sat nearby reading. It’s time for me to go practice what I’m writing about and give him my undivided attention.


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