Let’s be generous #CreateGoodness

Day 100 of #liveWell2017

Day 100 be generous

Today marks the 100th day of 2017 and my 100th post about living well this year. So, I’m going to kick off a series of posts about generosity. Back in February, I wrote briefly about giving with your heart. While many very wealthy people are generous with their fortunes – think Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson – most of us don’t have the funds to generate these kinds of headlines about our own generosity.

Yet, in our own ways, each of us has the power and ability to create goodness in the world by being generous with the resources that we do have – our money, time, talent, and attention. In fact, poor people are often more generous than the wealthy.

So, for the next 10 days or so, I’m going to post some (perhaps unique) ideas and inspiring stories about ways everyday people, like you and me, show generosity. Let’s start with this one because I think it is unique:

As a young adult, a man I know starting donating blood regularly at Red Cross Blood Drives which came to his workplace and to the community where he lived. Once he started giving, he made it a habit of giving every few months. Now in his 70’s, he has given more than 15 gallons of blood in his lifetime. That’s a lot of blood given to help people who need transfusions or blood for surgery after an injury – a lot of lives impacted. This act of generosity didn’t cost him any money, just a little time and lot of himself. It’s a unique kind of generosity that most people don’t think about everyday.

I’d love to hear your generosity stories, too. Maybe your act of generosity (or idea) will inspire others, so share them in the comments and let’s get started spreading goodness and making a positive difference in the world today!

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