Be you

Day 92 of #LiveWell2017

Day 92 be yourself

I recently hiked where there Oregon white oak trees dotted the mountain meadows. Each time I came to a tree, I stopped to admire its shape. I realized that each one of those still leafless trees was unique. Each one stood with its gnarled limbs grown into a shape like no other tree. Each one of these trees was beautiful. Every twist, every branch, every sturdy trunk bent itself into a unique tree that told its own story.

We are no different from those trees. Each one of us humans is just as unique. We have our own traits, our own thoughts, our own stories. Even if we live together, grow up in the same places, hear the same songs, or see the same view, we interpret those things differently. They have different meanings and different impacts on us.

No matter what we experience, where we live, how we work, we can each celebrate our own uniqueness, our own selves. When we try to be someone else or what someone else wants us to be, we can’t live an authentic, happy, mindful life. We can’t #CreateGoodness.

No one can be you better than you. Make it happen. Be yourself. #LiveWell2017


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts every day with us. I read them carefully, reflect on them and I am so happy to realize that I share your experiences subconsciously. Now I try to experience them consciously and thoughtfully. I don’t often comment, but your mindfulness guides me through the day. I am grateful for having met you and for your impact on my life

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