March #Gratitude Month Recap

Day 90 of #LiveWell2017

Here are all the graphics/posts posted during this month of gratitude (click on each picture to get to the post). It’s getting easier to be grateful. Like any muscle that gets exercised, practicing gratitude makes you more grateful for what you have and what you experience. It also helps you see that you have a lot more to be grateful for than you realized. Take time each day to think about or write down what you are grateful for…

day-60-be-gratefulday-61-be-thankful-for-challengesday-62-little-birdday-63-grateful-for-todayday-64-familyday-65-flowersDay 66 Local businessesDay 67 compliment the chefDay 68 gratitude creates enough beattieDay 69 Gratitude and happinessDay 70 bicyclesDay 71 sunshine & blue skies (1)Day 72 hiking - walkingDay 73 booksDay 74 roof on your headDay 75 FriendsDay 76 St. Patrick's DayDay 77 MusicDay 78 artDay 79 SpringDay 80 farmers Ag day (1)Day 81 PigletDay 83 beauty of natureDay 84 OceanDay 85 unseen effortDay 86 CompassionDay 86 This view - my city

Day 87 surprises

Day 89 Keith and Kennedy

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