#CreateGoodness with compassion

Day 88 of #LiveWell2017

Day 86 Compassion

Compassion – you know, that emotional response and authentic desire we have to alleviate the suffering of others – is at the root of every act of kindness. True compassion is not pity, but sympathy for and understanding of someone else’s pain or suffering and a desire to mitigate it in some way.

I live in a place where compassion is evident every single day. People show their compassion in many ways, but one of the simplest ways I’ve seen is in the signs of love and understanding – often made by kids – hung in windows, stuck in lawns, and painted on doors in every single neighborhood.

I’m grateful to live where people feel compassionate and care enough to help those who are suffering. I see it in the many nonprofit groups who are working to solve some of the area’s greatest social problems. I appreciate their efforts, as well as those small acts of kindness from individuals who do one small thing each day to help someone else.

How about you? What signs of compassion do you see every day?


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