A little surprise

Day 87 of #LiveWell2017

Day 87 surprises

As this self-proclaimed month of gratitude moves toward its end, I’ve realized something. It has become easier each day to make of list of things I’m thankful for. At first, it felt kind of awkward to sit and write a “gratitude list” each day, but it has definitely become easier – just like when you begin to exercise after having not exercised in a while.

Yesterday, during my morning walk/run, I was nearing a park when I heard ducks quacking. I turned a corner, and there were two ducks flying (and quacking) down the middle of the street, right behind a car that was cruising in my direction. It was such a surprise to see these ducks flying in the street that I stopped in my tracks and laughed.

My very next thought was to thank the ducks for giving me an unexpected moment in my day. Being grateful is a form of acceptance, a way to embrace what you have. Being grateful for little moments, like seeing those ducks flying behind a car in the street, helps us to be grateful for all that we have and experience. Practicing gratitude every day makes you more grateful, just like exercising your body every day makes it stronger.

What little surprise are you grateful for today?

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