Cityscape and the river: a moment

Day 86 of #LiveWell2017

Day 86 This view - my city

Last evening around sunset, after an all-day rain, the clouds began to break apart. Blue sky peaked through and the sunlight outlined the shapes and grays of the clouds. We walked down to the river to watch the sun set over the west hills. The light poured eastward and reflected back onto the city’s tallest buildings. The “big pink” stood tall and bright, reflecting in smooth, flowing river. We stood still, taking it all in. Within minutes the sky was gray and the sunlight gone.

At moments like this, I am reminded once again that change is the only constant. Each moment is unique and special, and it’s important not to waste them. I am thankful for this moment and the lesson it teaches.

Have you had a special moment lately? One that gave you pause, or joy, or a lesson?

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