Appreciate the unseen effort #gratitude

Day 85 of #LiveWell2017

Day 85 unseen effort

That crayon-drawn stick-figure of you and your child holding hands.

Your favorite meal waiting on the stove after a long day’s work.

A surprise birthday vacation to the beach for the weekend.

A foot-rub while watching TV.

A stranger taking care of your lost cat, until you were reunited.

Your friend giving up his bike ride to help you fix your broken chain.

A co-worker staying late to be sure the project you are working on gets done right.

Whether a gesture is spontaneous or planned, big or small, perfect or imperfect, the effort someone puts into helping you, sharing something with you, making your life easier – even for just a few minutes – is worth your attention and appreciation. You can’t know what they may have gone through to do something for you. You can’t know how much time or thought or feeling they gave to create that special moment. But you do know they were thinking of you. Appreciate them for that.

Say thank you for your effort. Thank you for your love. Thank you for giving a part of yourself and your life to me.

Who’s effort do you appreciate today?

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