Gratitude for the oceans

Day 84 of #LiveWell2017

Day 84 Ocean

Since I was little, the ocean has been the source of both terror and inspiration for me. Once, while trying to figure how to stay upright on a play surfboard during a family vacation, I nearly drowned in the pounding waves of the Atlantic. Later, as a young professional developing educational materials for environmental education programs, I found that my best ideas and writing came to me when I was sitting by the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, the Pacific Ocean, with its powerful waves and rocky shores, draws me close to hear its drumbeats and reminds me that change is the only constant in this material world.

I’m grateful that I have lived close to the ocean all of my life – never more than a 3-hour drive away – so that I could see whales, paddle with manatees, admire magnificent frigatebirds flying overhead, pick up sand dollars and crabs and starfish, catch sea-trout and redfish, and feel the gentle brush of stingrays against my skin.

The Earth’s oceans are a wonder – they set our planet apart from all others in our solar system.  They cover nearly two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, holding 97% of its water. The oceans regulate our planet’s climate, produce more than half the world’s oxygen, absorb carbon, and provide food, jobs, and recreation for all of us. We are connected to the sea, whether we live near it or not. We cannot exist without the oceans.

Today, I am grateful for the oceans. Are you?


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