Hooray for spring!

Day 79 of #LiveWell2017

Day 79 Spring

Hooray for Spring! It was a wonderful feeling to wake up today and read “First Day of Spring” on my calendar. Today marks a turning point in the seasons when I know I can count on longer days – more daylight hours than darkness – and will begin to see more wildflowers on hikes and sprouts shooting up in gardens. This has been an exceptionally long, wet, snowy, cold winter in the Pacific Northwest. Even people who have lived here for decades are tired of the rain and ready for the sunshine and warmth of summer.

But as we know, our climate is changing, and weather patterns are no longer as predictable as they once were. Extreme weather is more the norm than the exception these days. My family on the east coast had 70 and 80 degree days just a couple of weeks ago and now are freezing with snow in places. All of this reminded me of Edwin Way Teale‘s exceptional book, The Circle of the Seasons, in which he wrote on March 20:

“The first day of spring. And this is spring – officially spring! What an anticlimax! Gust-driven rain is slashing the trees under a sullen and sunless sky. The air is raw and chill; the thermometer has dropped to the low forties. Walking the mile for the morning papers, I recall Henry Van Dyke’s sage observation that the first day of spring and the first spring day are not always the same thing. But under an umbrella in the downpour, I am snug and protected and isolated. I seem in a little mobile house – like a snail in its shell.”

On this spring equinox, as I look out at blue-gray skies, I can relate. The rains are still coming, though softer and warmer than Teale experienced. But spring is here. I can see it in every corner of the city and on walks into the woods, and I am grateful for it. I do not wish for time to fly by because each moment brings a new leaf, a new bud, a new flower and, if I’m mindful, I can watch spring unfold step by step and be happy that I am here to see it.

What do you love about spring?

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