What does art do for you?

Day 78 of #LiveWell2017

Day 78 art

Art, like music, is another way to express ourselves. I’ve always enjoyed art. My grandmother was a crafty person. These days she’d be called “a maker” or “a creative.” Mostly, she just loved to use the humble materials that she had to create interesting things. I remember many afternoons in her basement, doing copper tooling, drying flowers for arrangements, carding wool to make yarn, painting with potatoes. Simple things to express beauty and emotion.

Later, as an adult, I came to appreciate more sophisticated forms of art, but I never considered myself an artist. Like music, it’s something I can dabble at, but I have to work really hard at to create anything. Recently, I’ve come to understand art more deeply. By taking a drawing class and by paying more attention (being mindful, if you will) of art that I see, I’ve come to understand that it is a reflection of who and where we are at any given time. Art can express us or define us. It also moves us and makes us more human.

Living in an city where art is displayed everywhere makes it difficult to ignore. The giant wall murals, the sculptures, the galleries, and museums are all easily accessible – and often free to visit. From street art at the Saturday Market or local street festivals to painted pianos showing up at various parks each summer, Portland promotes and revels in its art. And in doing so, helps us appreciate it more.

Today I’m grateful for art and artists who are willing to share their works with the world.

What do you think about art? Do you appreciate it? Does it move you?

Are you grateful for art?

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