Luck of the Irish

Day 76 of #LiveWell2017

Day 76 St. Patrick's Day

One day, twenty-some years ago, right after we moved into our brand new house in a brand new neighborhood as a young family, we heard a knock on our front door. We opened the door to find a new neighbor asking us a question about our dishwasher. We discovered that his house across the street fro ours – one of only three in the development, so far – was the exact same model as ours, and he was hoping we could help him figure out something about his appliances. That neighbor’s name was Frank, and from that day forward we became fast friends.

Frank was a retired cop from New York. He was a father of three and grandfather of six. He played golf, drank whiskey, and told ribald jokes. He loved listening to Manheim Steamroller music at Christmas. He laughed easily and gave his time and talent to help anyone who stepped into his path. He was a genuine friend and one of the good guys.

He  was also Irish, and proud of it. He often wore his “Proud to be Irish” T-shirt, and regaled us with stories (and jokes) about growing up as an Irish Catholic kid in New York. Frank left this world too soon. But, every year on St. Patrick’s Day, I think of him and the joy he brought into our lives as a neighbor and friend. I am grateful to have known him.

Cheers to Frank, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Is there someone special you are grateful for on this day? Who?

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