You can increase your happiness by expressing your gratitude

Day 69 of #LiveWell2017

Day 69 Gratitude and happiness

Since we’re talking about gratitude this month, I searched for some videos about it on YouTube. I stumbled across this experiment in gratitude, and it reminded me of times when I’ve looked a special person in the eye and told them thank you.

I didn’t measure my happiness on a formal test, but I do know I felt different afterwards – happier, calmer, more deeply connected – just like I do every time I make the effort to thank someone or show my appreciation for them in some way.

And, like in the video experiment, I always notice a significant increase in my connection with a person when I express my gratitude in person or through a phone call instead of using email or letter-writing. There is something very powerful and very personal about looking someone in the eyes or hearing their voice when you tell them thank you.

Try this experiment at home – and let me know what happens!


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