Compliment the chef

Day 67 of #LiveWell2017

Day 67 compliment the chef

I hope most people have someone in their lives that is always there for them in every way. For me, that someone is my husband. One of the ways he shows me he loves me is by cooking amazing food for me every single day.

I love to bake and make all kinds of salads, but when it comes to creating magical meals, he is the absolute best! He is definitely a “foodie.” He’s been cooking since he was a kid, and he creates such delicious and wonderful dishes that I’d often rather eat at home than go out to a nice restaurant. Yes, his cooking is that good!

So, today I am grateful for the good food in my life and the loving chef that makes it all happen for me! Thank you chef, thank you love. For nourishing me in so many ways.

Do you have a great chef in your life or someone who does something good for you each day? Who is it?

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