Sunny days and flowers

Day 65 of #LiveWell2017


For the past couple of weeks, our weather forecast has called for rain, rain, rain. No surprise, really. It is the Pacific Northwest in winter after all. But, much to my surprise and delight, the sun has shone for at least part of each day, warming my heart and my face.

Those moments of brightness and delight have been magnified by the tiny bursts of color beginning to pop out of the ground – flowers. Down every street, in every park, on every trail spring flowers are beginning to bloom, brightening even the cloudiest days.


After a longer, colder, snowier winter than the past few years, I am grateful for each tiny flower – the smile it brings to my face, and the warmth it brings to my heart. Thank you flowers.


Is spring starting to show where you live? What are you thankful for as the seasons begin to change?

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