Patience and a little bird

Day 62 of #LiveWell2017


Today’s post of gratitude is easy. Two weeks ago Keith painstakingly installed a hummingbird feeder on our 4th floor balcony. There are no trees tall enough to reach near our balcony, but we had seen hummers on occasion, so our hopes were high that we could attract them to our altitude. After the first week of waiting – and no birds – Keith added an artificial red flower to the top of the feeder as an added attraction.

This morning, we got our reward. A hummingbird showed up – again and again and again. So, I’m grateful for the clever handiwork Keith put into designing the feeder arrangement, for patience waiting for the birds to arrive, and for the object of our desire – the hummingbird. What a treat on this cool winter morning!

A bird.

A smile.

A joyful heart.

Sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference.

What little thing are you grateful for today?


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