Mindfulness progress

Day 58 of #LiveWell2017


It’s been nearly two months since I began my personal #LiveWell2017 #CreateGoodness journey, focusing on being mindful, kind, generous, and grateful. I’ve noticed a subtle but meaningful shift in my ability to be present in the moment. I no longer have to consciously stop and breathe and refocus on the present. It comes more naturally, easily, unconsciously.

I’ve also discovered that I am much calmer. I do not let little things get to me. It is easier to stay relaxed and alert, to be aware of how I react to others and of how I treat those around me. I feel more engaged with the people I spend time with, and I’m more observant.

These are small steps in a long journey, but they are making a big difference in my day-to-day life. I realize now that my endless desire for a simple, minimalist life really starts with clearing my mind of clutter and being more aware. Here’s a pretty cool podcast by The Minimalists on mental clutter.

The more I practice being mindful, the more I realize that mindfulness, minimalism, kindness, generosity, and gratitude are all connected. Life really is simple, if we stop trying to make it complicated.

Where are you on your #LiveWell2017 journey? How are you being more mindful?

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