Give with your heart

Day 53 of #LiveWell2017


Prior to the 17th century, to be generous meant you were “of noble birth.” So, us “peasants” would never have been considered generous back then. Today, the term has evolved to mean being willing to give more than is expected or necessary, particularly if what is given is good for the person receiving it. The concept has a fascinating history that you can read more about here.

Being generous can also mean giving anonymously or  just not expecting something in return. The amazing thing about being generous is that it always brings joy when done with a kind and loving heart.

Some of the most generous people I’ve known are people who had very little in the way of financial resources, but they gave their time, talent, love, and attention to others. One fine example is my grandmother. She spent many hours with me when I was little, teaching me about plants and flowers, showing me how to garden and can and cook, helping me identify trees by their leaves and teaching me to knit. Her time and her knowledge were given freely and abundantly, even though she always had work to do for herself and the rest of the family. I never felt rushed to finish something. I never felt like I was in her way, even though I’m sure there must have many times when she wished I was somewhere else rather than under foot all the time. She always seemed calm and content.

My parents, my brother, my husband, my son, and so many wonderful friends are generous, too, in ways that truly enrich the lives of others. They create goodness. And in the giving, I know they find joy. I do. The simple act of being generous has a way of filling my heart with great love. Indeed,  “the heart that gives, gathers.”

What does generosity mean to you? How does being generous make you feel?


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