Are we naturally kind?

Day 46 of #LiveWell2017


The news and social channels are filled with stories about hate, racism, sexism, anti-you-name-it. It sometimes feels like there is no tolerance for anything that goes against one’s own beliefs or experience. But kindness is in all of us. Human infants exhibit empathy toward others in distress even before they can walk and talk.

So, is kindness innate to us as human beings? This mother thinks so. Her kids demonstrate kindness in unexpected ways all the time. However, a Stanford University study shows that altruistic behavior may be governed more by social relationships than inherent traits, and parents play an important role in developing kind and giving kids.

How can parents help kids learn to be kind? Here are four tips from pediatricians on how to teach kindness to your kids.

Kind kids generally turn into kind adults, something the world needs a lot more of these days. We just need to nurture that kindness and empathy throughout our lives.

How do you nurture kindness?



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