Be kind to your ♥ heart

Day 45 of LiveWell2017


Happy Valentine’s Day! (It’s also Heart Day and World Whale Day)

♥♥ Today is the day we declare or celebrate our love for that special someone in our lives. What better way to show someone you love him than by taking good care of your heart. Heart disease is still THE #1 LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in the United States. So, taking care of your heart is a true gift of love. It lets your love know you want to be here with them as long as possible. Being as healthy as you can be saves money on medical bills and allows you to be active and do the things you love to do. So, let’s be kind to our hearts so we can share them with those we love for a long, long time.

We all know that exercise and eating healthy foods are key factors in protecting our hearts from disease. So are not smoking, not drinking alcohol in excess, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, and managing stress (ah, meditation). The American Heart Association has a great list of ways to keep your heart healthy – by age group. So, get out there, and be kind to your heart today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who is your love and how do you keep your heart healthy for him or her?

UPDATE on RAK Week: We did a big surprise for Valentine’s Day. Keith and I made up 150 goody bags of Valentine treats for all the vendors and staff over at Street Roots. We also took enough granola bars and hand-warmers for every vendor. It was our way of letting them know they are appreciated and valued. We hope it helped to make their day special. Volunteering and being generous are good for the heart, too 🙂


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