10 fun ways to show thanks

Day 44 of #LiveWell2017


One way to be kind is to show people you appreciate something they gave you or something they did for you. The simplest way to do that is to say “thank you.” Here are 10 other fun ways to show thanks to the people you appreciate…

  1. Write “Thank you for ______ “(fill in the blank with the specific reason you are thanking them) on a sticky note and put it where they will find it.
  2. Send a hand-written thank-you post card or letter. If you need help finding the words to use, look here.
  3. Send a digital greeting card.
  4. Buy them a cup of coffee or tea or a beer.
  5. Bake them some cookies.
  6. Look them in the eyes, and tell them they make your life better because…
  7. Tell someone else what that person did for you and why you appreciated it.
  8. Give them a single flower (or balloon or plant) with a thank-you note attached.
  9. Give them a hug (if it is appropriate and with consent).
  10. Smile. (remember, it’s contagious)

My favorite way to thank people is to surprise them by doing something they might not expect from me, especially if the thanks is for a small act that might otherwise go unnoticed. (Foot-rubs for my husband are a hit.)

Even so, the easiest, simplest, and often the most effective form of thanks is with a simple heart-felt face-to-face ‘thank you.’

How do you thank people in your life?


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