Mindfulness practice: Listen

Day 32 of #LiveWell2017

Our minds and bodies are connected. Mental stress can cause us to get physically sick. We know that controlling our levels of stress can help us to stay healthier and happier. These days, with the world in constant chaos, it’s more important than ever to remain mindful and centered, lowering our stress and keeping our minds and hearts engaged in the present.

I am going to share a mindfulness practice each day for the next 7 days. I’ll practice these myself, and I invite you to practice them, too. Let’s see if we can help ourselves stay calm and strong in the present moment.

We’ll start with something simple. Listen.


“Listening is an excellent way to disengage from the endless ruminations of the anxious mind.” – Jan Chozan Bays, author of Mindfulness on the Go

Today, take time to stop and listen. At least once, but perhaps several times, stop what you are doing, take a breath and listen. Let the sounds around you truly penetrate your conscience. When I lay in bed at night, sometimes I listen to my refrigerator in the other room. It makes interesting noises, like animals growling at each other. I imagine the chatter as conversation instead of annoyance, and it makes me smile.

Sometimes I just stop and listen to my breath, focusing my attention inward. Sometimes I stop and hear nothing – silence – and it brings me peace. If you are with someone else, stop and listen to her talk. Turn to face her. Watch her face, take note of the cadence of her words, the pitch of her voice. What does it tell you? Be fully present and attend to the sounds of the moment.

Today, find a moment to listen, deeply, quietly, attentively.

What do you hear?


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