Be a champion for the planet

Day 29 of #Live Well2017


I spent yesterday with my fellow Oregon Master Naturalists (OMN). These dedicated, passionate people volunteer their time to organizations in their communities to improve public awareness of Oregon’s natural resources through outdoor education, scientific research, and land stewardship. We are knowledgeable, skilled individuals committed to creating a sustainable future. We give our time and talents to conservation organizations, local parks programs, habitat restoration efforts, and public agencies.

I am always impressed by the level of passion and dedication of my fellow OMN volunteers. They inspire me to do more, to give more, to work harder. Our collective work makes a difference, too. Every tree we plant, every kid we teach, every hour we volunteer increases the chance that Oregon’s natural resources will be conserved for future generations. What a great way to #CreateGoodness in our lives!

Anytime someone volunteers, it’s a gift to a community.

Volunteering also enriches our own lives. I’m grateful to be a part of this volunteer group.

Who is your volunteer crew? Where do you volunteer? How does it improve your community?

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