Spreading GOODNESS with #GivingCards

Day 18 of #LiveWell2017 Bonus Post


I’ve been following J. Money over at Budgets are Sexy for awhile. He’s inspired me to do some creative saving and financial management of my own. Today, he posted about a new initiative that fits right in with my #LiveWell2017 #CreateGoodness campaign. It’s a philanthropic project called the GivingCards Project at RockStar Community Fund. Here’s how it works.

RockStar gives out $20 VISA Cards (they call ’em #GivingCards) to people in their forums with the only caveat being that the person who gets the card has to use it make someone else’s life better. In other words, they are seeding random acts of GOODNESS. The stories coming in from their first month’s experiment are inspiring. People really got creative in the ways they used the #GivingCards to spread goodness.

It’s a simple and genius idea. People have to apply for the card, so there’s some forethought to the acts of kindness and some vetting of who gets the cards. If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, by all means, join the fun and let me know what you think about this project.

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