Kindness is good for your heart, really!

Day 18 of #LiveWell2017


Being kind has its rewards – not just for the recipient of the act of kindness, but for the person being kind. When we are genuinely kind, our bodies produce two chemicals: oxytocin and nitric oxide. Dr. David Hamilton explains.

“You may have heard of oxytocin. People call it the ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle chemical’ because it’s readily produced in the body when we feel love or when we hug a person or an animal. We produce oxytocin basically any time we’re being genuinely kind.”

Oxytocin then produces nitric oxide, which regulates blood pressure. Yeah, really! Anyone who has ever petted a cat or a dog knows this. That loving touch has a great calming effect.

Being genuinely kind is good for our hearts, keeping our hearts and arteries healthy by producing those “kindness molecules.”

It’s good to be kind. It’s kind to be good.

Have you ever gotten that warm feeling inside after being kind? Share your story in the comments.


  1. Yesterday. Took mom to Dr appt. This is only the second time meeting this man. But my heart overflowed both times by his presence, compassion and glow of love and caring that surrounds him. I just told him from my heart how much our family appreciates him and asked him to please never change because he is one of kind and so badly needed. You know, it just flowed. He jumped up and gave me a HUGE bear hug and told me i made his day, i said i hoped i made his LIFE! What a wonderful exchange of love and kindness to one another.

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