Be kind, spontaneously


Day 13 of #LiveWell2017

Today I was walking home and saw two people standing at the bus stop, waiting. Across the street from them, a driver was trying to pull out in to the street from his snow-packed parking spot. His tires were spinning as he tried to maneuver over a foot of snow piled up between his car and the roadway.

As I approached them the two guys at the bus stop looked at each other, looked at the stuck car, and without saying a word, walked over and pushed the car out of its space and into the street. With a wave and a thank you the driver drove away. The two guys strolled back across the street and continued to wait for the bus.

It was a spontaneous act of kindness that took about 30 seconds of time and made someone’s day a little easier.

My lesson today: Being observant and present provides us with opportunity – to help, to show kindness, to make life a little nicer for someone else.

Be kind, spontaneously.

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