5 ways to change perspectives


Day 7 of #LiveWell2017

One of the hardest – and best – things a person can do is change perspective. I took a beginning drawing class last summer and learned about 1- and 2-point perspective drawing. This technique allows you to translate solid and 3-dimensional objects onto a 2-dimensional surface so that the objects appear to have the right height, depth, size and position in relation to other objects in the picture. Here’s an example.

It’s a challenge at first, but once you figure out the technique of finding a “vanishing point”, the results can be dramatic. Accurate angles and lines make the picture more real, more balanced, and more beautiful. Changing the location of the vanishing point(s), changes the perspective of the entire picture.

Sometimes looking at things from only one perspective can keep us from being our best selves. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, to read or listen with the same set of filters. Changing perspectives can help unlock our creativity, give us a fresh outlook on a problem, allow us to interpret our world in a different way, and perhaps live a more bountiful life. It gives our brains a new way of looking at things, which, in turn can lead to more understanding, more compassion, or more creativity.

So, how do you change perspectives? Here are five of my favorite ways:

  1. Climb a mountain. I don’t mean you have to summit Denali, but finding a trail that gets you up and above where you usually walk, drive or work. Hike up. Look around. Take it in. Breathe.
  2. Do something completely new. It can be anything – draw, sing, write, run, walk.  Something you don’t normally do – change up your day and see what happens.
  3. Fly. When I’m in a plane 30,000 feet in the air and I see the crop circles, wheat fields, snow-capped mountains, canyons, rivers, and cities, I realize how diverse the land is and how much we all depend on it. The land and waters connect us all – everyone.
  4. Sit by the ocean. The ocean connects us to every other continent. Looking out over the horizon makes we wonder about the people beyond it and the plants and animals in it. It also reminds me of the power of water.
  5. Look at the stars. Find a clear night, a dark place and stare upward. Those stars, galaxies, nebulae, and planets up there are a good reminder that the cosmos is infinite and we are one tiny fleck in it.

How do you change perspective?



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