Be grateful for the little things

Day 3 of #LiveWell2017

Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful for the little things. They are easy to overlook or take for granted, not because they aren’t significant, but because they are small or common or occur in the background of our lives. But, those small things can have a great impact on us.

When I walk in the woods or along the shore, I look for the little things – a smooth stone, a shiny bug, a bright leaf, a tiny flower. Sometimes a small thing is the highlight of my walk. Collectively, they add texture and color and beauty to the larger landscape. They are the artistic details that complete the masterpiece.

At home, the little things keep our marriage strong and fresh – a gentle touch, a thank you, an offer to help, a morning kiss, a shared book, a quiet talk in the dark, reading together in silence. In our 37 years together, we still acknowledge and appreciate the little things, and each small act works to strengthen our love. Each small act creates goodness.


What are the little things that you are grateful for?


  1. This is monumental. I was actually thinking about this last night. When we are grateful for the many wonderful little things in life, we begin to realize the few not-so-wonderful little things aren’t really that important in comparison. And if we choose, with even a little more attention, we can also become grateful for them.

    • Carolyn, that is so true. Paying attention to the good stuff does help minimize the impact of the little, annoying things. And being grateful for those small, good things can really shift our attitudes toward feeling positive and hopeful. Let’s spread the joy!

  2. Oh Deb,
    Thank you for putting these thoughts into such beautiful words. I experience the same feelings and thoughts every day,, but do not have the gift of expressing myself in such a moving and profound way. You are giving us these pearls and I am grateful. Now I am able to share them with my friends.

    • Awww…thank you so much for your kind words, Rita. I’m glad you get something out of my posts and appreciate that you are sharing them with your friends. Create a great day!

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