Grand Finale:National #BikeMonth

May 31st was the last day of National Bike Month and we spent it riding 22+ miles around Dunedin, Honeymoon Island, the Pinellas Trail and attending the Vintage and Custom Bike Show in Dunedin…






All in all it was a great month of biking. I rode 28 out of 31 days. Found some new places.  Made some new friends. Stayed active and fit. Hope you did, too.

How did you spend your National Bike Month?


  1. Hey Deb and Keith,

    I’ve enjoyed following your escapades and adventures during Natl. Bike Month. Thanks for sharing with us and inspiring others to keep pedaling.

    My journeys weren’t nearly as exotic as many of yours, but I did manage to get out every day and racked up 533 miles over (and over again) Chatham County highways and byways. All in all, a grand start to a spring, summer and fall of biking in NC.

    Keep cranking,

    • Gary, that’s great. I’m impressed with your mileage. We did lots of short rides, often due to time or weather constraints, but all were fun! Thanks for reading.

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