Mother’s Day Ride: Day 11 – National #BikeMonth

Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a great one – got in TWO bike rides… a 12-miler with some new acquaintances on a new little route along the river near downtown Fort Myers and then an additional 9+ miles from Gateway around the old SWFL International Airport roads. Both new routes for me!

Followed up with the best fish tacos I’ve ever had (from the Gold Coast Kitchen food truck) and the best commercially available craft beer in town at Fort Myers Brewing Company.

Beautiful day.

Hope all you moms out there got to ride a little today, too!

Day 11 Mother's Day ride

The best routes are the ones you haven’t ridden. You could pedal the same loops year after year. Many people do, literally or figuratively. But to grow, you need new rides. Risks. Turn down lanes you’ve long seen but never traveled. Get lost once or twice, then double back to where you started and try again
Live like this and you come to see unknown territory not as threatening, but as intriguing.
  -Mark Remy, Bicycling Magazine 9/01

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