Another DIY Food: Almond Butter

I love almond butter…not the kind in a jar, but the fresh stuff you can get from the local health food store or Whole Foods…. Unfortunately, those stores are 20 to 30 miles from home and I don’t drive to them often. But this week I discovered I can make my own fresh almond butter for much cheaper than I can buy it. It just takes raw almonds, a food processor, and about 20 minutes –  thanks to a recipe I found on the Detoxinista blog.


Today I made my first batch of fresh almond butter and I am thrilled! Anyone else out there make their own? What are your tips for making it great?


  1. My closest Whole Foods is THREE HOURS away from me, so I totally understand what you mean! I’ve never made almond butter, but I know if I made it I’d add salt. Unsalted nut butters are great and I eat them frequently, but I love the addition of a bit of salt. 🙂

    • Hey Healthykt… Thanks for the response. I did add a little bit of coarse grain salt this first go round, and it’s pretty good.

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