Finding Beauty

“Do not blame the thistle that you see no beauty.”
~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Purple thistle  is blooming all over the wilds of southwest Florida right now. In spite of its name (Cirsium horridulum) and its reputation for hurting those who touch it, it is a thing of great beauty.  From the prickly buds to the Einstein-looking seed heads, each stage is a marvel. (click the photos to see larger images)


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  1. I love Thistles and I go out of my way to show them along the trail, not just because of the puurrrrple color, going to whites… but because they are also a haven for all kinds of insects! Butterflies love them… tiny green emerald spiders, and large gangly scarab beetles all bask in the glory of the Thistle.

    I can watch a thistle for…well a long time, camera in hand. I grew up viewing them ALL as “The Blessed Thistle” all thistles, not just those of Cnicus benedictus. Blessed Thistle , Holy thistle, St. Benedict’s thistle. However they are known they are beautiful and deserve to be in every natural yard despite their prickly appearance! I’m amazed there is not a Constellation named for the Thistle…

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