A 30-hour Vacation on Pine Island, FL

Calusa Indians on Top of the Worldwasp-spider mealView of Charlotte Harbor from Beachouseview from Brown Moundospreys on nestosprey with fish
osprey pair on nestosprey landing on nestmangoes2Gumbo Limboducks in duckweed on PIcrab spider in web

Pine Island, FL, a set on Flickr.

How to make the most of a 30-hour vacation on Pine Island, FL: Paddle and fish at Matlacha and Bokeelia, eat at Bert’s and Red’s, hike at Little Pine Island and Randell Research Center, sit by the water and listen to the waves crash and the ospreys call at our little bungalow at the Beachouse Lodge, watch the sunset and sunrise over Charlotte Harbor, walk to the Bookelia pier, visit the Earth & Spirit Garden Gallery. Yep, that should do it. Life is good. Thanks, Keith.


  1. I would add lunch at Andy’s Seafood in Matlatcha. This is a small seafood store that cooks (lunch) to order. I am thrilled that you have discovered this edge of paradise.

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