Today, I celebrate Worden Farm…

Today, we had the great pleasure of attending the annual member potluck at Worden Farm. About 60 CSA members gathered at the farm to share food and stories and enjoy the place where their food is produced.

Members got to tour the farm aboard a tractor-pulled wagon with farmer Chris giving commentary on how the vegetables are grown. Then we shared in a feast provided by the CSA members themselves. Everyone was asked to bring a dish to share, and there was an abundance of good food – much of it prepared using vegetables from our weekly shares of food grown right there on the farm.

It was a beautiful, cool day. Kids played on the big sandpile, members chatted and shared stories, and Still Friends provided beautiful music through it all.

Last fall I had the great pleasure of volunteering on the farm one day a week, and I miss it and the people there very much. So, today was extra special for me to return to the farm and feel at home. Thank you Chris and Eva, not only for providing good food for our tables each week, but for nurturing this sense of community and friendship among the farm membership.

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Thank you Keith Hanson for the photos….

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