1000 miles in 2012 – the beginning…

And on the seventh day… she walked.

It’s the 7th day of January 2012, and I’ve set myself a little personal goal of walking, running, biking, and hiking 1000 miles this year.

That means I have to average 19.24 miles each week. Not a hard goal if I commit to a serious bike ride each week, but tougher (time-wise) if I try to get it all in just walking on the road or treadmill at the gym. If I don’t get to 1000, it’s no big deal. But having that goal pushes me on those days when I really just want to sit and veg instead of strapping on the shoes and getting active.

So, where do I stand at the end of week one – seven days in? I walked, hiked, and did the elliptical for 21 miles. That’s on target…Next week is a busy one at work with a couple of evening events – we’ll see how much the ol’ body can get motivated and make the time to do the miles during week two…

What gets you motivated to stay active and keep in shape?

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