Our First 30 Years…

This weekend, we’re celebrating! Why? Because thirty years ago on September 19th, 1981 I married the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary, Keith!

Three years after we were married we boarded a plane headed to Denver, CO and the flight attendant asked us if were on our honeymoon. We  told her no, we’d already been married (to each other, in fact) for three years. And then we just grinned at each other.

Some time later, friends who were contemplating marriage asked us, “How do you know it’s right? How can we be sure this is the one?”. All we could say, was “You just know. You don’t believe it. You know it.” When someone questions a belief, it makes you wonder. When someone questions something you know to be true deep inside, there is no shaking it.

For 30 years Keith and I have known that our marriage was right. That each of us was the one for each other. Even through all the changes in our lives – and there have been many – that deep core knowledge that we belong together has been unshakable. As friend after friend got divorced over the years, we simply and purposefully renewed our commitment to each other. During the past few weeks I’ve taken time to read back through some of our old journals, letters, and holidays cards. Here are some of the phrases I found that we had written:


“Our time together [traveling] has renewed our commitment to each other.”

“Difficult decisions helped us grow stronger together.”

“A child’s laughter, a new baby have made our love more intense.”


“The only thing constant in our lives right now is that we are still happily married – a major accomplishment and a wonderful gift.”

“We are lucky to have each other.”

“The most important things in our lives are each other.”

“When things get crazy, the three of us make time to appreciate each other and the world around us.”

“We are lucky to have each other to keep us balanced. We keep each other focused on what’s truly important.”


“Through it all, we continue to build a love stronger than ever.”

“Perhaps our greatest gift is that we each give and receive each other. To enjoy the journey together is a blessing.”

“I go to sleep and wake up with the person who makes all these days extraordinary.”

As the years go by and we grow older together, we are finding more peace and happiness in each moment together.  Our gifts are the moments we share, even when doing the most ordinary things. I am so lucky to have Keith. And for that I am truly grateful.

Keith, I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to still be married and so much in love with you after all these years… but these guys do a pretty good job of it, so… here’s to you, my love…

Now… let’s go play!

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