For Moms (and their kids) Everywhere

In honor of all the good mothers, everywhere… This is to all the kids who’ve been lucky enough to have one…

Who’s a mother? Who’s a mom?

My mom & me, ~1960

She bears the pain of bringing you into the world
Then forgets it the moment she sees your tiny, sweet face.

She feeds, diapers, bathes, and soothes you
Wanting nothing more than to keep you healthy and safe.

She teaches you to talk, read, draw, and play games
Knowing you’ll do them all better than her when you grow up.

She watches you grow and learn, and listens when you tell about that new book or video game you love so much
Thinking all the while that you will write or create the world’s best book or game someday.

She fixes your cuts and scrapes, kisses you goodnight, lays in bed beside you when you are scared of the world outside or the demons within
Hoping that you will be strong and capable of coping with all that comes your way.

She takes you for walks, looking for birds and flowers, bugs and rocks
Believing in the power of nature to help you find balance and wholeness.

She cries at your graduations, laughs at your jokes, revels in the late night talks about religion, philosophy, books, and movies
Dreaming of days when you will share the same special moments with your own children.

Me & my son ~1988

She lays in bed at night worrying about you, whether you’re five or fifty-five
Because that’s what moms do…they worry, a lot!

And every now and then she looks at you across the room and realizes that, in spite of all her fretting, you’ve turned out to be an amazing person – calm, confident, capable, caring
And her heart does a little dance, and she smiles.

© 2011 Deb Hanson

If any of this is true for you, go give your mom a hug today.


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