Tribute to one of the good guys…

Yesterday, Booch DeMarchi, a Lee County employee and former teacher, died from a year-long battle with stage 4 lung cancer. Booch was a lifelong athlete and a non-smoker. His diagnosis was a shock. His death is a great loss to the community and to all who knew him. I met Booch when I participated in LeeGROWS -the program he coordinated and facilitated- that enables regular Lee County citizens to go behind the scenes of government agencies and departments and learn about the people and the policies that make our local government work.

From the moment I met Booch, I liked him. He was organized, kind, punctual, dedicated, and passionate about giving people the opportunity to learn and question and grow. He was one of the good guys.

In a tribute to Booch, I’m re-linking the posts I wrote when I participated in LeeGROWS back in August 2010.

Real-Life CSI and more…

Guardians of Our Water

More Than Books: Libraries and Our Digital Age

Fact and Fiction in the Morgue

Thanks, Booch, for caring and sharing and for being you!

You can read more about Booch in today’s News-Press article: Longtime Lee County spokesman dies at 62

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